Tıpkı insanlar gibi, kurumlar da kendi kişiliklerini geliştirirler. Wynn Guiditus


We reflected our experience that is based on long term production history, to manufacture of Plating Rectifiers, Battery Charger Rectifiers, Regulator Types and Power Units. We are involved in the sector with an understanding of  products and services that  worth their price.

Showing interest to our product groups which marked as ALPHA WORLD, indicates that we proceed in the right way. We produce special solutions to you with 1500 sqm factory area and expert team.

At short notice, we feel proud about being successful in all our project and having  great  references. We are the only firm that has own projection (including electronic cards, transformers etc.) without dependency to foreign in this sector.

As a result of this responsibilitiy,  adhering  to our vision an mission and delivering the best  quality, service and the highest technology to our customers is important matter as a duty for us.


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